Z-Club Membership Agreement

This Z-Club Membership Agreement (“this Agreement”), when signed by the client with signature below (“the Member”) and accepted by ZGC Boston Innovation Management LLC (“the Company”) constitutes a binding contract between the Company and the Member executing this Agreement. Membership rights, privileges and obligations commence on the date (“Commencement Date”) when the Agreement is signed by the Member and the Company receives corresponding payment under the terms herein. 



If the Member violates this Agreement, any and all membership rights and privileges that the Member obtained through this Agreement may be revoked or changed with prior notice to the Member. If the rights and privileges of the Member are changed for any reason, the Company and the Member shall have related terms agreed in a modified, future renewed or separate membership agreement.

The membership rights and privileges shall not be transferred or sold to other parties.

The Company has  right to suspend all the membership rights and privileges hereunder and/or terminate this Agreement due to the Member’s any unfaithful use of the membership rights and privileges. 

The Member’s information will be documented as below but may be updated or changed at any point of the valid term of this Agreement.

Membership Fee and Payment Method

The annual fee of Z-Club membership is $1,000, the payment can be made through any of the following methods:

  • Online payment at www.z-club.net ;

  • Onsite credit card payment at Z-Park innovation Center at Boston or Silicon Valley;

  • Paycheck payable to :  ZGC Boston Innovation Management LLC

  • Wire transfer to :

Bank Name: East West Bank

Bank Address: 68 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02111

Routing Transit Number: 322070381


Payee Name: ZGC Boston Innovation Management LLC

Account Number: 8659005329 


Member’s Rights and Privileges 

  1. Each membership purchase comes with one free open desk at Z-Park Innovation Center at Boston or Silicon Valley for one year. For terms and requirements related to the open desk regulations, please review and sign the exhibit document: Z-Park open desk licensing agreement.

  2. All Z-Club members have unlimited consulting services through service email : contact@z-club.net with Z-Club team about cross-border investments and business opportunities. Any additional business services and fund-raising related financing services initiated from the consultation will be charged separately.

  3. Z-Club members are eligible to be informed and apply to participate in all member-only investment events and info sessions organized by Z-Club team, including Z-trip, the free business and investment meetings cross US and China. Z-Club team commits to host Z-trip at least once annually. Z-Club team shall review members’ applications and select proper members for all the member-only events. The selection criteria and requirements may vary in accordance to the theme of the events and interests of the partners or cities, and must be based on principles of equity and fairness.

  4. Z-Club team reserves the right of final interpretation for the content herein above.


Terms and Termination

This Agreement shall remain in effect from Commencement Date until one or more of the following occur:

  • The membership term lapses without any extension or renewal.

  • Company files for bankruptcy or ceases to do business.



The Member acknowledge that the information that he/she receives from the Company, including but not limited to, general information from consulting services related to business, technology, investment projects resources and opportunities, is confidential information. The Member shall keep such confidential information strictly confidential and shall not disclose, transfer, publish or sell such confidential information to any third person or entity.


Governing Law and Dispute Resolution 

This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Massachusetts, without regard to any applicable conflicts of laws, except to the extent that certain matters may be governed by federal law by reason of preemption. Any disputes arising from or related to this Agreement shall be addressed and resolved in two phases. First, an offended party shall notify the other in writing of the events or occurrences that give rise to a dispute. Within sixty (60) days of the actual receipt of the notice, responsible representatives of the parties shall meet and, in good faith, attempt to address and resolve the dispute through negotiation. Second, if the parties fail to resolve fully their dispute through negotiation, then any party may file a lawsuit against another party in a court located in the State of Massachusetts with proper jurisdiction.


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